"Georgia’s influence on my health journey has literally been life changing. Not only have I lost weight but I have a better understanding of food. Georgia has shown me that portioning is key and eating the right quantities of the right foods is important. While it may seem counterintuitive, I have learnt that you need to eat to be satisfied to avoid making a bad choice when you are really hungry. Georgia has been a great teacher and I have been able to achieve all of my goals because she listened to what was important to me and led me to the best way to achieve them. I can whole heartedly recommend Georgia as a professional as she has a huge amount of knowledge and combines this with practicality and understanding. I will be forever grateful and truly happy. I highly recommend Georgia and it is an absolute pleasure to do so."


"When I started working with Georgia I was the biggest I had been, I was unfit and very unhappy with how I looked. 9 months later not only am I 15kg lighter, I love myself, I love food, I love exercise and I’m happy! I have a greater understanding of what’s good for me and love how much I can eat and surprised but what I can eat. Georgia has provided a great platform for me to reinvent myself and to have an enjoyable relationship with food."


"I have been working with Georgia for over a year now and I have had the most amazing journey whilst being under her guidance. I came to Georgia wanting to shed some of my excess ‘chub’ last year after trying to lose weight myself. I soon came to understand that cutting out food groups and restricting myself was NOT the way to go about it. I have learnt that food is fuel since being with Georgia and I am so grateful for all her knowledge and guidance. I have toned right up all whilst eating my favorite food. She has taught me how I can incorporate things like pizza, chocolate, Nutella, burgers into my diet whilst still reaching my fitness goals. All of the recipes and meals are 10/10 and I have had so many of my friends and family come to me in amazement asking how I do it, and the first thing I do is send them straight over to Georgia!"