Nutrition Consultation


A 1 on 1 consult over the phone or face to face over coffee (for local clients only).


  1. 1 hour phone, zoom or coffee consultation
  2. Discussion of nutrition and the basics as to what you should be aiming for, how to make smart swaps, we will go over your history, current eating style and food intake.
  3. Together we will set goals and a clear path on how to achieve them.
  4. You can ask as many questions as you like so that you can learn from me and have a clear understanding on the different food groups, macro and micro nutrients, calories and what you body may need.
  5. Meal plan developed for you based off the consult.

Through this consult you can learn what daily intakes you should be aiming for, we can discuss activity levels, daily movement, hormones, previous dieting history and so much more! We can come up with a plan together to help you achieve your goals or assist with improving your health.

Follow up consults are $90