12 Week Macro Coaching


This service is for anyone who is looking to eat flexibly and track their own meals, it will also help you gain confidence around intuitive eating. It gives you so much insight into what makes up a food and how to fit it in to your day and your goals. What it includes:

  • Initial assessment and questionnaire.
  • 1 sample meal plan calculate to your macronutrient targets.
  • Personalised macronutrient and calorie target based off your goals and information in your questionnaire.
  • Weekly checkins for 12 weeks to assess progress and ensure you are tracking correctly.
  • Food diary reviews and macro intake reviews are provided.
  • Check-ins are via email.
  • A 64 page My Fitness Pal ultimate guide. Everything you need to know about how to track your food.
  • Exclusive access to my client only facebook group
  • 24/7 support

This also an affordable way to work with me at just $30 per week.